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Expo Centre (Burgas)

Prices from: 1700 EUR/m2
Start date: October 2010
Completion date: 2012
Map: view
Price list: view
Floorplans: basement , ground floor , first floor , second floor , third floor , fourth floor , fifth floor
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This state of the art Business Centre will be built to class 'A' specifications. Defined as:

"Class 'A' space can be defined as buildings that have excellent location and access, attract high quality tenants, and are managed professionally. Building materials are high quality…"

Designed by an innovative architect, this aesthetic, yet practical building will attract successful local as well as international and multi-national businesses.

This is a pure investment option for serious investors that need to see capital returns on their investment. This return is possible due to excellent rental yields. The impressive level of rental return on this building is possible due to the unique specifications required to classify the building as Class 'A'.

Our off-plan business centre will be located in one of the most accessible and practical locations available in the city of Burgas. With superb road access (located metres from the Burgas to Sofia highway and close to the newly planned city ring-road) and parking for over 80 vehicles, our business centre offers a solution to city centre congestion; saving businesses, time and money!

The 'Business Expo Burgas' will be the first building in Burgas to have a purpose built Exhibition Hall, with event organisers being invited to hold exhibitions for a whole range of commercial activities (e.g. motor industry, fashion, property, building firms etc). This alone will attract a great deal of attention to the centre, both locally and nationally. Owning an office in a building that gains prestige and national recognition will make it exclusive. Exclusive buildings are at a premium, and potential tenants or buyers will pay a premium to use them.

In summary, this building will be: Practical, aesthetically pleasing, have status, but most of all a great investment! On completion, the most successful businesses will take offices here. Indeed, Multi-National companies (e.g. Samsung, IBM, Lukoil etc) require buildings that fulfil such strict criteria for their own status.

The Details:
  • Rental yields expected to exceed 15 Euros/sqm per month on completion
  • Construction dates: Oct 2008 to 2010
  • Payment plan available
  • Only metres from the Sofia to Burgas Highway
  • Suburb location on the main road and within the new commercial zone
  • Ultra modern building and construction
  • Unique status – the only purpose built exhibition hall/business centre in Burgas
  • To be built to class ‘A’ specifications (best possible office building available)
  • First-class Exhibition Hall
  • First-Class offices
  • Roof-top rest areas and gardens
  • Landscaped
  • Underground parking ( 52 vehicles)
  • External on-site parking (28 vehicles) with additional parking less than 100m
  • BMS (Buildings Management System)
  • HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning)
  • Modern Fire Security system
  • Fully Health & Safety compliant
  • Security systems and 24 hour security guard
  • 24 hour reception
  • Telecoms and internet ready
  • Elevators
  • Property Management
  • High Status building


Standard Payment Plan:
  • 5 % deposit (first instalment) to the bank account of the builder (non-refundable)
  • 35 % (second instalment) paid at signing the Preliminary Contract within 20-28 days after the deposit has been paid (all legal rights of the buyer established)
  • 20 % (third instalment) when the complex reaches 3rd floor *
  • 20 % (fourth instalment) when the complex reaches roof level
  • 10 % (fifth instalment) when the window joinery is being installed
  • 10 % (sixth instalment) is paid on completion of the development and on receipt of Act 16 (completion of building at Act 15 - October 2010)
* Please note, any buyer buying into the development during construction will pay their instalments on different stages of the build (e.g. if the 3rd floor is already built on signing the preliminary contract, then this instalment may be due on the roof stage)

Discounted Payment Plan:

* A discount of 8% of the purchase price will be offered for all apartments purchased with the following payment plan:
  • 2500 Euros non-refundable deposit at the time of reservation
  • 90% of the purchase price less the deposit upon signing the preliminary contract
  • 10% of the purchase price when the whole complex is finished at receipt of Act 15 (October 2010)
* Any discounts offered by this payment plan maybe reduced should a promotional discount be offered on the project.

Deferred Payment Plan:

All offices purchased on this payment plan will have their original price increased by 8%:
  • 2500 Euros non-refundable deposit when reserving your office
  • 30% of the purchase price less the deposit upon signing the preliminary contract
  • 70% of the purchase price when the whole complex is finished at receipt of Act 15 (October 2010)

Payment plan for buying with mortgage:

  • 5% reservation deposit, non-refundable. Must be paid with Buyer's own funds
  • 25% when the construction starts or on signing of the Preliminary contract. Must be paid with Buyer's own funds
  • 70% will be paid by United Bulgarian Bank
For mortgage information, please see details below!

Mortgage (for more details, please check the Off-Plan Mortgage Information Page):
A 70 % mortgage in EURO currency from a leading Bulgarian bank is available for buyers who are residents of any country of the EU, the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The mortgage will cover 70 % of the apartment price and is for a maximum for 20 years. The annual interest rate is approx. 6.25 %. The buyer must cover 30 % of the apartment price with their own funds. Buyers who apply for a mortgage must provide the required documents and proof of income. Only buyers who are able to repay their loan will qualify for a mortgage. The most important requirement is that the monthly ratio of INCOME:DEBT is set at a minimum 60:40 (ie: a mortgage advance will be based on 1.5 x net income). For more information on the mortgage service, terms and conditions, please contact us.
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